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Stephanie Young

One thing I have learned through my life’s journey is to keep pressing on and have hope. Life is filled with adversity and trials, but with God all things are possible.

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From My Heart to Yours

I have been blessed with an amazing family and friends, but that didn’t buffer me from life’s hard knocks. Our outlook, perception and how we decide to proceed from those situations makes all the difference. Most of my adulthood I have fought autoimmune issues which led to serious complications. Making healthy changes and finding how to take care of my body as a whole has been challenging. A reassuring constant since I was around ten years old was the call placed on my life to speak and help others. It has looked different through the years, and this is just one more way to use my calling for others to find hope and encouragement.


There’s so much to say. Let’s divide and conquer, shall we? Giving you insights into different areas of my life.

Daily Life

Being Mom, Wife, Grammy…and the many things that happen in a day.

Quiet Life

Spending time with God and building my spiritual disciplines.

Family Life

Taking care of myself while balancing my quiet and family life.

Healing Life

Learning about my health journey and how I am moving towards healing.

Ministry Life

Continuing in the call God has placed on my life as circumstances change.

All devotionals and articles are constantly uploading! Please check back often as they continue to populate.

Devotionals & Inspirational Articles

Kids Devos

My “Bee-Loved” Series of Devotionals for Preschool – Elementary

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Teens & Adults Devos

From Joshua, Lazarus, and more, this newly written compilation is timely.

Inspirational Collection

Excerpts from my sermons and ideas from passages I’ve read.




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